First photometric laboratory complex in Armenia

UNDP-RTF regional program implements an array of activities to strengthen the capacities to assess compliance of energy efficiency and other optometric indicators of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment and systems in Armenia to the currently effective normative requirements, as well as to upgrade the normative-legal framework and improvement of its enforcement practices.

A priority of the introduction of energy efficiency mechanisms is the ability to measure the quality characteristics of lighting equipment. Relying on the research performed in the framework of the regional project in 2018 research and based on stakeholder discussions, UNDP Armenia procured from Polish GL Optic Company and imported to Armenia a lighting devices testing photometric laboratory complex. Laboratory tests comply with the requirements of GOST R 55702-2013 "Electric light sources. Methods of measurement of electric and light indices" and GOST R 55703-2013 "Electric light sources. Spectral and Color Properties Measurement Techniques", and are based on the procedures per CIE 13.3-1995 standard.

Specialized company “Scientific Research Institute of Energy” CJSC was selected as the beneficiary of the technical assistance, a company with the knowledge-based capabilities necessary to maintain a laboratory. In the laboratory establishment process, luminaire characteristics assessment methods were analyzed and available measuring equipment were assessed. In the result, the version of the goniometric laboratory complex offered by the Polish GL Optic company was selected, due to its capability to fully determine all the required luminaires characteristics.

Within his mission to Yerevan on 3 to 5 September 2019, GL Optic representative Tomash Pavlicki jointly with UNDP-RTF regional project experts Suren Gyurjinyan and Gevorg Nazaryan, implemented a complete assembly of the laboratory complex in the specifically renovated laboratory space of the “Scientific Research Institute of Energy” CJSC and conducted a practical training of the assigned personnel. Through practical assignments, the laboratory staff acquired sufficient skills to use the special software for further operation and measurements. The orderly and functional laboratory complex was commissioned to the “Scientific Research Institute of Energy” CJSC to test the compliance of the luminaires available in the Armenian market with the currently effective technical requirements. Some of the conducted practical experiments were impressive that demonstrated incompliance of the indicators on the packaging of the luminaries with the factual performance of the equipment.

Further work should include accreditation of the new modern photometric laboratory of the “Scientific Research Institute of Energy” CJSC, including the introduction of a quality management system in accordance with ISO 17025 standard.