Schoolchildren from EAEU Countries Took Part in the “Young Power Engineer” School

01 November 2018. Anapa.

The “Young Power Engineer School” has come to an end in the All-Russia Children’s Center “Smena”. From 18 till 31 October a number of practical activities, interactive lectures, trainings and master classes were organized for students from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. The children also met energy experts from Russia and Japan.

The students conducted experiments in the field of electromagnetism, static electricity, and atmospheric pressure during which they were able to make of scrap materials an electromagnet, an electric motor, a battery, and a home barometer. With the support of energy companies, including Kubanenergo, Gazpromholding, Rosatom, Housing and Utilities Reform Fund and others, the children participated in the intellectual game “Energy Charge” and in team games “Take Care of Your Country”, tried to resolve “atomic dilemmas”, visited a real natural gas pipeline facility, thought over own solutions to situational engineering problems, and took part in many other learning activities.

The “Young Power Engineer School” has taken place for the second time. It deals with the professional orientation of students in energy education and power engineering professions. This year the School was organized to a very large extent due to financial support from UNDP-RTF regional project. Other organizers have been the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Moscow Power Engineering Institute. The main event operator has been “Nadyozhnaya Smena” Foundation.

This was for the first time students from Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan could take part in the event.

“I’m very glad the regional UNDP project funded by the Russian Federation gave our kids a very good opportunity to participate in the international schools, where they learned a lot and shared a lot with other students coming from other countries of the EAEU. To become participants in the schools all of them had taken part in national competitions and had gone through the rigorous selection. I’m sure they are the future experts and leaders to contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals”, told Kumar Kylychev, Project Coordinator in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The schoolchildren from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan shared their impressions about their participation at the “Young Power Engineer School”.

Alexander Korotenko, N13 school-gymnasium, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Alexander Korotenko- won the competition with his project entitled "Energy Efficiency in My Home".

“We were acquainted with the practical use of energy by lectures organized by Rus Hydro, Kuban Energo, System Operator, Housing and Public Utilities and other organizations. For several days leading experts from the Moscow Energy Institute, conducted physical experiments that helped us to learn in practice what pressure, magnetism or vacuum are. It was fascinating to see how the pressure in liquids and gases works. These two weeks in the camp awakened my desire to explore energy and to learn the possibilities of benefiting from it. I am impressed with the chemical experiments when we received electricity from fruits. I would never have thought that a few lemons are able to give out one volt, or even more energy!

The lectures and practical experiences provided by the Japanese specialist gave us a clear idea of the types of energy, the different possibilities of its production and the ratio of the received and consumed energy in the world.

The School was a wonderful event in my life; I began to understand better what I would like to do in the future. I hope I will be given an opportunity to participate in similar schools in the future!”

Mane Gevorgyan, Yerevan High School of National Polytechnic University of Armenia

"During the summer school, we shared the same goals which are: strengthening of our knowledge in the field of energy and physics as well as sharing experiences with representatives from different countries. We participated in the games and attended lectures organized by the giants of the Russian energy industry, such as RusHydro, Kubanenergo, and others. From the very first day, we were involved in teamwork and studied one of the most important issues of our century - energy savings. We also had guests from Japan who were presenting how to use effectively each type of energy.

During the program, we were acquainted with great scientists who have a significant role in the development of physics and learned how the electricity flows. We have strengthened our theoretical knowledge through the experiments about magnetism and pressure organized by the Moscow Energy University (MEU). Throughout the program, we explored many ways to get energy: hydropower plants, nuclear power plant, thermal power plant, and alternative energy sources (solar and wind energy). We also visited the largest gas distribution station in the world "Russkaya" with a capacity of more than 400 MW and learned about the mechanism of its operation. This station will allow transporting gas from Anapa to Bulgaria.

I am grateful to my school for the opportunity to partake in the camp. The most memorable moments of the school were to understand the ways energy can be obtained and to strengthen our theoretical knowledge by conducting experiments.

We returned to Armenia with a set of knowledge that will help us in studying and working in this field in the future.  Thanks to this program, many of us have been oriented towards choosing their profession, and some have been convinced that they have made the right choice."

Maria Arakelyan, Yerevan High School of National Polytechnic University of Armenia

"The camp opens up a great perspective for the participants giving them useful knowledge about the energy sector. We learned how energy plants work, gained knowledge of thermal, nuclear, renewable, and other energy sources. Through experiments, we created sources of energy with own hands and made batteries. I am still studying in the 10th grade, and this camp is of great importance to me in choosing a profession. "

Amina Nadirova, N65 College of Ecology and Economics, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

“The lectures were very informative, we had interesting practical exercises and competitions and the knowledge I have gained at my school helped our team to win in a competition. It was interesting to conduct experiments and to learn from Russian and Japanese energy specialists. The knowledge about energy saving and energy efficiency I gained at the school will help me in choosing my profession in the future.

Cholponkul kyzy Miraida, N5 school-gymnasium, Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan

Cholponkul kyzy Miraida won the competition with his research project on energy saving

This was the first I was abroad. I met many interesting people and I am very grateful to everyone who helped me during the summer school. The territory of the camp is very large and beautiful, especially on the seashore. There are a large modern stadium and a panorama. We had a great time with young people from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and from different parts of Russia. The program of the camp was very interesting and informative; it included intellectual games, sports activities, excursions, and lectures. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to participate in the school”.