The Eurasian Economic Commission Discusses Draft Requirements to Energy Efficiency Classes of Household Electric Appliances

8 August 2018. Moscow.

The Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission made the draft requirements for energy efficiency classes of energy consuming devices publicly available on its official website.

The draft energy efficiency requirements were developed in partnership with UNDP-RTF regional project and cover 8 main groups of household electric appliances with the highest energy consumption, including refrigerators, air conditioners, lamps and washing machines. The requirements are fully harmonized with those of the European Union.

The document under discussion was developed in the context of preparation for the adoption of unified Technical Regulations of the EAEU, which will establish minimum energy efficiency requirements to the main groups of energy consuming devices.

“Common energy efficiency requirements will allow consumers in the EAEU countries obtaining reliable information about energy consumption of household electric appliances and making the right choice to save energy resources,” – emphasized Anatoly Shevchenko, international consultant of UNDP-RTF regional project.

The Regional Project “Regulatory Framework to Promote Energy Efficiency in Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union” sets the goal to reduce energy consumption and related greenhouse gases emissions by promoting energy efficiency of lighting, household appliances and buildings engineering systems in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan via the introduction of energy efficiency regulations and standards, development of testing capacities, as well as the promotion of energy efficient technologies through awareness raising of end-users. The project is implemented by UNDP with grant financing from the Russian Federation.

All documents under discussion are available in Russian and can be downloaded from here or here (Russian version of the page).