The First Step towards Creating a Test Laboratory in Kyrgyzstan

October 3, 2018. Moscow.

The creation of a modern test laboratory for lighting products is an important objective of UNDP-RTF regional project in the Kyrgyz Republic. Specialists from the Bishkek Center for Testing, Certification and Metrology participated in a study tour to Rostest-Moscow laboratory which had been established in 2015-2016 as part of technical assistance by UNDP-GEF Project on Efficient Lighting in the Russian Federation.

During the study tour the guests from Kyrgyzstan learnt about lab structure and the required testing equipment. They participated in demonstration tests of lighting products and received detailed explanations about the exploitation and maintenance of testing equipment.

Besides, the meeting participants discussed prospects for labs accreditation and cooperation issues between the countries as regards quality testing of lighting products that are imported into the national markets and after the adoption of EAEU Technical Regulations on energy efficiency.

In the future the Bishkek Center for Testing, Certification and Metrology plans to extend the list of equipment to be tested on energy efficiency. Therefore, they were demonstrated the Rostest-Moscow household equipment laboratories (for washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators). These had been created with technical assistance of UNDP-GEF project on Standards and Labeling in the Russian Federation.