Together brighter

The festival #ВместеЯрче (Together Brighter) is a public awareness-raising campaign promoting efficient consumption of energy resources and modern energy efficient technologies both in daily life and industrial settings. The festival has been held in Russia since 2016 with an active organizational support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the State Corporation "Housing and Utilities Reform Fund", the United Nations Development Program, other federal and regional agencies and public organizations.

“A useful holiday” is a popular name for the Festival in the regions of Russia. In 2016 the Festival events were held in 77 regions of the country, in 2017 the Festival was supported by 80 regions, while in 2018 #TogetherBrighter events have been organized throughout the country and abroad.

Within the framework of festival activities social campaigns are held to popularize the energy-saving lifestyle: thematic trainings and “energy-saving weeks” for preschoolers and elementary school students; thematic quizzes, quests, essay competitions for middle and high school students and young people; meetings of power engineers with students; “open door days” at enterprises of energy sector; corporate contests of efficient proposals in the field of energy saving; promo events on the replacement of the traditional lamps with energy-saving ones, etc. In more than 100 large cities the Festival is held in the format of municipal celebrations for families. Last year, the event involved more than three million schoolchildren, tens of thousands of pre-school kids throughout Russia. Hundreds of secondary special and higher educational institutions have joined the Festival.

In 2016 the Festival was held for the first time; however, the event received a high level of recognition. According to the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (ВЦИОМ) survey, 15 million people (11% of the country's adult population) heard about # TogetherBrighter and 200,000 adults took part in its events. Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren and pre-schoolers across the country participated in thematic events organized in their educational institutions.

In 2017 the #TogetherBrighter Festival significantly expanded its geography. Residents of small settlements were involved in the activities through educational institutions, libraries, children's art houses, and youth associations. Tens of the largest universities joined the Festival. In a number of regions stand-up comedy clubs (КВН) contests were held in support of #TogetherBrighter.

In 2018 the Festival has reached an international level and is held for the first time in Kazakhstan with further passing on the baton to Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

In 2017 the all year Russian Educational Сhildren’s Сenters “Orlyonok” and “Ocean” held thematic “Together Brighter” summer schools for kids. In 2018 the events at “Orlyonok” and “Smena” educational centers welcomed gifted children from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

International activities within the framework of the #TogetherBrighter Festival are carried out with the financial support of UNDP-RTF regional project “Regulatory Framework to Promote Energy Efficiency in Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union”.

More information about the Russian Energy Saving Festival #TogetherBrighter can be found at вместеярче.рф

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