UNDP-RTF regional project on energy efficiency presented at the “Green economy week” forum in Kyrgyzstan

“Green economy week 2019” was held in Kyrgyzstan on November 11-17. During the Week, various events were held throughout the Kyrgyz Republic, the main aim was to promote green economy issues. In particular, exhibitions of green technologies, specialized seminars, round tables on various areas of the green economy, training series and practical meetings were held. "Green Economy - Strong Regions - Sustainable Development of the Country" was the topic of this year's forum. Participants from business associations, the private sector, the public and academic sectors, civil society and expert communities, international organizations, media, and other stakeholders discussed climate change related issues.

"Energy efficiency and energy saving as a factor of sustainable and "green" development for the Kyrgyz Republic" was the theme of one of the events within the Green Economy Week. During the discussion, results of UNDP-RTF regional project for energy efficiency in EAEU countries were presented. In the frame of the project, among other activities, a photometric laboratory was opened in Bishkek, providing the opportunity to test lighting fixtures for compliance with energy efficiency parameters. The laboratory is equipped with a goniophotometric device, a spectroradiometer, a photometric ball, calibration lamps and other auxiliary devices. As noted by Suren Gyurjinyan, UNDP-RTF Regional Project Task Leader, “The country has adopted building standards for lighting, developed recommendations for energy saving. Development of a draft national energy conservation program is nearing completion. But the technical regulation of the sphere is a bit bare without laboratory tests. Therefore, modern photometric laboratories have been opened in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Each has no analogues in its region. They are the most advanced in the EAEU space. Laboratories are currently being prepared for accreditation”.

Representative of UNDP Armenia CO was as well among the speakers of "Clean air green cities: How green economy drives modern urban development" workshop held within Green Economy Week 2019. Here Suren Gyurjinyan shared the solid experience of the UNDP Armenia CO in supporting urban energy efficiency policies and programs.  In his presentation, he demonstrated results and learnings of completed and ongoing UNDP Armenia CO projects, emphasizing the importance of a systematized approach to creating necessary infrastructure and legal framework, as well as building awareness among the key stakeholders.